rokael lizama

Rokael Lizama isn’t just a name behind iconic looks; he's the soulful artist painting confidence and dreams onto the canvas of the world’s most celebrated faces. As a top celebrity makeup artist, Rokael has graced the beauty realms of luminaries like Beyoncé, Kim Kardashian, Demi Lovato, Ariana Grande, Nicole Scherzinger, and Cassie. His illustrious journey through the glitz of campaigns for renowned beauty titans such as Anastasia Beverly Hills, KKW Beauty, Urban Decay, Dose of Colors, and Kylie Cosmetics, has not only sharpened his visionary skills but also sowed the seeds for his own beauty empire.

Embarking on his entrepreneurial voyage in 2017, Rokael nurtured and perfected his innovative line of lashes and makeup, initially bestowing his A-list clientele with these exclusive creations. Today, he stands at the threshold of sharing this brilliance with the world. The inception of Rokael Beauty—a testament to his dedication—stems from a patent-pending lash design, originally conjured for the elite, now ready to dazzle the gaze of any beholder.

Rokael’s ethos, “No matter where you come from and how steep the climb, a moment's turn can unveil new horizons,” encapsulates his journey and philosophy. It’s a narrative of perseverance, a testament to the belief that the next sunrise may just hold your dreams.

Rokael Beauty: The Fusion of Glamour and Everyday Grace

At the core of Rokael Beauty lies the fusion of innovation and luxury, birthed from the hands of a maestro who’s danced in the backstage shadows and spotlight’s gleam. Our products, having adorned the visages of stars under the harsh scrutiny of high-definition cameras and the glitzy ambiance of red carpets, embody a craftsmanship that caters to both the grandiose and the grounded. Certified by industry connoisseurs, Rokael Beauty’s lashes don’t just mimic celebrity glamour; they invite every individual to own their spotlight, crafting a realism that’s as enchanting in daily life as it is on stage.

Rokael’s intimate involvement in every crease of the brand—from the whispers of product development to the echoes of marketing campaigns—showcases a brand that's not merely seen but felt. It's a journey of beauty, beckoning from the heart of an artist to the soul of the beholder.

In every hue and curve Rokael Beauty offers, lies an invitation: to explore the artistry and emotion woven into the very fabric of our creations, and to see in them not just a reflection of your beauty, but a glimpse into the shared dreams and aspirations that unite us all.

Rokael Lizama